Work to live, don’t live to work

The link below is a news story about a woman who literally sacrificed herself for her craft.

This tragic story should be a reminder to all of us to remember to put life in perspective. Do we live to work or do we work to live? Personally, I think it is much better to work to live. It’s great to love what we do, but it should not completely define who we are or be the measuring stick by which we determine our self worth. My only hope is that this woman died doing what she loved.

Work hard, but be careful and remember to take a breather now and then. You will then return to your work energized, refreshed, and with even more zeal and creativity than before. Working non-stop until you drop is not worth it. I believe having a life outside of your work will not detract from your ability as a copywriter. If anything, your hobbies, passions, family life, spiritual life, travel etc. will only serve to enhance and enrich the quality of your work.

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