Your Weekly Content Marketing Round-Up



Welcome back to the weekly round-up. I scour the internet for useful content about content writing so that you don’t have to! 🙂

In this week’s round-up we throw down, get data-driven, learn how to get paid for our writing, and more.



The following is a must-read. I hear a lot of whining from fellow writers. My advice to them is to quit whining and start winning. B*tching won’t get you paid. Change your situation. Utilize technology to do so.

“If writing is your profession and your passion, you can accept crap assignments for crap money and crap treatment. Or you can choose something better. Because there is something better.”


This article by Karisa Egan features 4 valuable, tweetable tips for creating an optimized website from a team of several marketing and UX experts:

Website Throwdown: 4 Lessons From Critiquing Websites With David Meerman Scott


Shlomo Zalman Bregman wears many professional hats. He’s a lawyer, a rabbi, an author, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker and a business consultant whose videos have thousands of views on YouTube.

Check out my exclusive interview with Shlomo Zalman in the Huffington Post about time management, utilizing your energy effectively, and making the most out of every minute to maximize your chances of success:

Shlomo Zalman Bregman on How to Maximize Your Time and Energy Successfully


PR is an inbound form of marketing that today, straddles the border between traditional and digital. While it has long been a part of the traditional marketing arsenal, it’s usefulness in driving traffic through link-backs has made it an invaluable part of SEO. However, PR still suffers from a dearth of focus on data.

My good friend, Zach Cutler is a true innovator. Starting his own successful public relations company right out of college, Zach has become a leader in the PR field.

Zach Cutler is disrupting PR and calling on the industry to change, pioneering an effort to raise the bar and hold the PR industry accountable to real-time analytics. Here’s his recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine sounding a clarion call for PR to become more data-driven.

Why the PR Industry Must Become More Data Focused


So you’ve amassed a following on social media. Great. Now, how do you turn your following into something that works for you?

Teena Thach shares 7 ways to engage with social media leads  on the Ceros blog.