Your Weekly Content Marketing Round-Up

cm roundup

Welcome back to the weekly content marketing round-up where I scour the internet to find informative content related to content marketing so you don’t have to!

The round-up now includes 5 ready-to-go tweets.


The Oldest Ad In The World Was A Piece of Content Marketing

Well, they say everything old is new again and it seems we have come full-circle when it comes to marketing. The oldest piece of content marketing is likely much older than you thought!

LinkedIn Pulse: Oldest Ad in the World


The oldest ad in the world was a piece of content marketing! Who knew?

Finding Inspiration to Write Unbeatable Copy for Landing Pages

This fun article with GIFs interspersed between paragraphs offers 9 potential sources of inspiration for writing killer landing page copy. Suggestions range from spending time with the kids to scanning magazine headlines at the grocery store to skimming our social media feed. As a copywriter myself, I look forward to testing out some of these ideas next time I need some help getting in the zone. 


Unbounce: Finding Inspiration to Write Unbeatable Copy for Landing Pages


9 Places to Find Inspiration to Write Killer Landing Page Copy #marketing #copywriting

Why Your Lazy Attempts at Copy are Killing Your Conversations

In this much-needed blog post by Neil Patel, he explains why grandiose claims and superlatives are ineffective in our marketing savvy economy.

Even according to Bob Bly’s The Copywriter’s Handbook (highly recommended), written in the 1980’s (1st edition), fluffy, self-congratulatory superlatives like “This amazing course will make you more knowledgeable about sales than the leading experts” will provoke skepticism from your readers.

This is especially true now when 61% of consumers report reading at least 6 objective product reviews online before making a purchase.

Peter Boyle: Why Your Lazy Attempts at Copy are Killing Your Conversions


This copywriting mistake could be killing your conversations. #marketing #copywriting

11 Copywriting Principles You Can Implement Today

I like this article, because it lays out 11 concise, actionable tips for writing web copy/online written content:

MAINWP: 11 copywriting principles you can implement today


11 actionable copywriting tips for writing great online written content: #copywriting #contentmarketing

The Quick-and-Simple Guide to Getting Started With Video Content Marketing

Video currently accounts for about 60% of all video traffic and this is a trend that is not slowing down.  In fact, that statistic is predicted to reach 80% by 2019. You do not have to be a professional videographer to experiment successfully with this medium.

In fact, I’ve been shooting a lot of videos on my phone lately for Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Periscope, and more. As a copywriter who usually operates behind the scenes, it’s been fun to build my confidence on camera. Try it! I think you’ll see great results and positive responses.

The Quick-and-Simple Guide to Getting Started With Video Content Marketing


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