Your Weekly Content Marketing Round-Up

cm roundup

Welcome back to Your Weekly Content Marketing Round-up where I search the internet for great content about content marketing so you don’t have to!

Many of you offer social media marketing as a service or promote your business on social media, but you’re failing, because you haven’t learned to think with a social media mindset.

If you don’t take the time to listen, understand the medium on its own terms, and provide value, you’re going to lose. You cannot simply use tactics from traditional media on social. Social media demands a constant output of value and relationship building:

You Do Social Media, but You Don’t Think Social 

“If your content or brand is seen just once your credibility and trust level is 6%. If it is noticed 3-5 times then it goes to 60%.”

This article is about the power of influencer marketing and new ways of finding and connecting with influencers that can help you build your brand and gain credibility with consumers.

7 Influencer Marketing Insights You Need To Know Today !

While the healthcare field has widely adopted content marketing over the past few years, the legal profession is finally coming around as well, opening new opportunities for content marketers.

The Surprising New Adopter of Content Marketing: Lawyers

Stories are what sell:

4 Benefits of Using Marketing in Storytelling


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