No Such Thing as “Passive” Income

Many people think you can just create a business that runs by itself and generates income with no work on your part so you can spend the rest of your days chilling  on the beach catching some . Simply put a few widgets in place and you can have a business that functions like a self-sustaining machine on autopilot while you kick back and relax. 

Judging by some of the ads on YouTube, a plethora of Instagram accounts flashing fancy cars and mansions, and the sudden explosion of new apps and people calling themselves startup founders, you might get the mistaken impression that you can now easily create a “passive” income stream that allows you to collect riches for the rest of your life.

Don’t fall for that lie.

And, don’t be seduced by phony “get-rich-quick” schemes and online hucksters who get rich off telling you that it’s easy. New technology has made creating a sustainable business or a lucrative side-hustle easier than ever before, but don’t get it twisted that it’s now a piece of cake. All the tools and apps in the world won’t help you if you don’t have the talent, work ethic, openness to learn, and willingness to deal with failures and setbacks.

Nothing is as tried and true as good, old-fashioned hard work. Even in an age of IoT, robots, and mass automation, hard work is necessary if you want to achieve success. This has always been the case and always will be. Anything worth having takes patience, dedication, and sacrifice.

If big gains are achieved quickly and easily, chances are they were not earned ethically or legally and the rewards certainly won’t last. To choose short-term gains at the expense of building long-term growth and a trustworthy reputation is to set yourself up for tremendous losses in the future. To achieve lasting success, there are no short-cuts.

In short:

Grind your a$$ off and you have a chance at succeeding.


On a personal note:
This is the philosophy with which I approach business, because every truly successful person I know has won this way. The people I emulate are the people who hustled day and night and did right by their clients and customers. As I steadily build my own content marketing agency, I am finding out that it takes hard work, consistent dedication, and patience. Perhaps not immediately, but as I grow, I’m already starting to see my effort pay off. I have no doubt that over the long-term this approach is what will help me achieve my goals.


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