Test, Learn, & Trust Your Gut

Take all conventional wisdom, friendly suggestions, and best practices with a huge, hearty grain of kosher salt.

Most people will tell you that long-form content is dead. It’s not.

They’ll tell you to keep everything short, sweet, and to the point.


“No one reads.”

“The average person’s attention span is shorter than the attention span of a Goldfish.”


Although the above two statements are commonly touted platitudes, both are scientifically incorrect. 

When it comes to crafting good content, context is key. Hacking social media takes a lot of testing and learning. While best practices and data is an excellent starting point, you will still need to actually test and learn yourself, tweaking and adjusting to get things right. And, with algorithms and consumer behavior ever-changing, you will always be adjusting. However, the only way you will know anything for sure is by practicing and doing. Don’t simply read headlines and listen to the pundits and the gurus. And certainly, don’t defer to that good-looking kid who gets a lot of likes on Instagram for their workout photos.

I’m not saying ignore the helpful advice and suggestions that are out there. You’re reading this right now, aren’t you? What I am saying is don’t stop there. Test, learn, and above all, trust your gut. Your intuition may just turn out to be right. 

Finally, know your platforms and your audience. Certain things may work better for your particular audience. Also, each social platform has nuances which ensure different types of content do better one than another. You must possess a thorough understanding of each platform and know the mindset people are in when they are on each platform.

On LinkedIn, long-form updates work best. And LinkedIn actually rewards you for NOT including a link. The social platform wants to keep you on their site as much as possible and would rather you consume all content natively. Respect this and adjust, even if that means moving your primary blog to LinkedIn instead of your website. You will also experience positive results blogging in long-form on Facebook and Instagram.

But, don’t just take my word for it. Experiment for yourself. I bet you’ll be amazed by the results.


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