Plan for the Unplanned – Entrepreneurship is an Endless Series of Moving Parts

You can plan all you want.

But remain open to the possibility that your plans may have to change.

I don’t believe in getting too married to one plan, one process, or one tactic.

I view building my business as a puzzle with moving pieces. It’s important to be flexible and adjust to new realities, feedback, changes, and other variables.

The beauty and advantage of a start-up or small business over a larger enterprise is its ability to nimbly adapt without too many constraints.

I’m very focused on my goals and on delivering my services, but I’m still attuned to other possibilities, and I try to recognize other opportunities when they present themselves even while still being all in on my business.

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I'm a writer and digital marketer. Communicating your brand's message and helping you to connect with the right audience is my specialty. If you are interested in: branding, marketing, copywriting, social media, search engine marketing, inspiration, success, and enjoying life, then my blog is the right place for you.

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