Helpers Win the Game of Business

Helpers win.

Throw away your caricature of the slick-haired salesperson or the shrewd, cutthroat shark or the clever, sweet-talking huckster. In the short-term those guys can certainly win some victories or trick those who don’t know any better, but it catches up with them and they don’t last. Often, they end up disgraced and discredited.

You might see characters like that in your everyday life or on the Internet and think they’re winning and that you must adopt their bullsh*tting tactics if you are ever to make it in this world and earn the living or the life that you want.


Become a helper, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it is the best way to build your brand, sell more products, and market your business over the longterm.

Master the art of listening, asking good questions, and helping your prospect or customer by providing advice, solutions, and products that are the best fit for them rather than in your own immediate financial best interest, and you will earn a strong reputation that is far more valuable than any commission. 💡

Have you ever wanted something, but felt lost and confused as to how to properly weigh your options?

Ever felt unsure of how to judge the quality of something or vulnerable to being taken advantage of? 🤔

Doing research online only seemed to make you more confused as you were overwhelmed by a cacophony of voices and choices.

Where to begin?

And, then somebody took the time to patiently listen to you. They asked you good questions and broke down your options in a way that helped you better articulate your own vision and arrive at conclusions on your own. Pretty soon, a sense of clarity began to slowly wash over you. The daylight began to show throughout the clouds of confusion.

And, then this person intelligently provided solutions or recommendations with YOUR best interests at heart. ❤️

Sound familiar?

We’ve all experienced something like that before, and we’re not soon to forget the person who helped us in our time of need.

How did it feel? Did you breathe a sigh of relief 😅 when someone finally helped you make sense of it all?

I’m willing to bet that you’ll stay in touch with that person, go back to that person, and possibly make an introduction for that person, or even transact with that person now or in the future. 💯

Emulate them in your own business dealings, stay patient, and don’t keep score. Over the longterm you’ll see that doing good and providing information and helping others comes back around. Do it consistently over a period of years and you’ll build a reputation as a trusted resource and honest advisor 🤝, which is the most valuable asset a business owner, salesperson, or anyone else who wants to get what they want in life can have.

How Emojis Help You Boost Your Results

Written for ZEV Media by Ayelet Mintz

We’re all familiar with emojis. They’re playful, quirky, expressive, and you can easily add them to just about any email, text, or social media post you write. Although emojis are fun to use in our daily lives with friends, they are an indispensable tool that offers a unique advantage to social media marketers.

What are these advantages?

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